2000 Cross-Country Trip

These are photographs from our first Cross-Country Trip, Montreal to California and back, in the summer of 2000. The general idea was drive the most direct route from Montreal to the NM border, meander through NM, CO, UT, AZ, NV, CA, then head home by the most direct route, camping out of the capacious '99 Miata trunk. 41 days, 3 oil changes and 12,300 miles later, we were back with absolutely NO mechanical problems. The top was down for 35 of the 41, and we had a ball.

Packed trunkThis is the capacious '99 Miata trunk, all set for our 2000 Cross-Country Trip. In here are: a tent, two full-sized sleeping bags, two rubber mattresses, two personal-stuff backpacks, a sundries bag containing toothbrushes and stuff, a tool bag (which we never opened), a copy of Miata Magazine, shoes, sandals, two coats and assorted loose stuff. The plan was to drive from Montreal to New Mexico, meander around the southwest states, then drive home. It took 5 days to reach NM, camping whenever possible to economize.
Navigation system This is our navigation system, a Garmin 12XL GPS receiver, a magnetic external antenna planted on the Rollerskate's rump, a power/data cord wired to the battery, and a Twinhead laptop running two software packages, Fugawi (for the visible track) and Map 'n Go (moving map display). Map 'n Go told us where we were in relation to everyone else and provided details for each night's accomodation. We used a cell phone to reserve a place once we knew where we would be that night.
Springfield KOA This is the camp ground at the KOA in Springfield, cleverly placed beside a major highway, near a major train line and under the main flight path into Springfield. We were so pooped we slept well anyway.
Navigation systemLaptop display, Rocky Mountain Park
AlamosaRemoving bugs, Alamosa KOA CO
Old 100Nora after the Old Hundred Gold Mine excursion
Flyin MiataAt Dealer Alternative AKA Flyin' Miata in CO (pic courtesy Bill Cardell)
Rte 128Highway 128 into Moab UT
No serviceNo service in the depths of UT
Route 66Route 66 in AZ
CA state lineCalifornia state line!
El CapitainExpensive drying rack, El Capitan CA
SierrasThrough the Sierras CA
Home again12,300 miles, three oil changes and 41 days later, we got back to Montreal. It was a comfortable and exhilarating trip, and I'm ready to go again, anytime! We're baaack!
Home againand another pic.

Created by Nora on 25 February 2003