Roadsters At The Gap
3rd edition

April 25-26, 2003

Rain on the roadSnow on the roadSnow on the roadNC 208 & border
Rain on the 401 Followed by snow! AGH!! Soggy snow with ice... NC-208 at border, sunny.
NC-TN 129LookoutCrossroads of TimeCrossroads of Time
Ripples on the Dragon At the Lookout Crossroads of Time Crossroads of Time, Matt
Crossroads of TimeWendy's RobbinsvilleWendy's RobbinsvilleWendy's Robbinsville
Crossroads of Time Lunch, Wendy's in Robbinsville Boilerman Aaron & Bugsy. What did I swallow?
Wendy's RobbinsvilleTapocoRollerskateTapoco
Dillon & the renovated Go-Kart Chin-wag at Tapoco The Rollerskate bntoples etc in the parking lot
TapocoThe damAccidentAccident
Further discussions in the parking lot The dam Biker wipes out on curve Amateur radio used to summon ambulance
Paramedics arrive in 3/4 hour, one4fun View from our room at Fontana View the other way, Fontana Snowy and stripes
Maurice & Z3, Tapoco Prancingdawg & coffee mug Re-grouping Re-grouping
The BugsiesGasSnowyFalls
Bugsy, Bugsy's gal & Jaws Gassing up Snowy's handcuffs Snowy rummaging in trunk, Murr
FallsZ3 at fallsRoadPause
Cars under the falls Z3 pair, one an unusual copper-colour NC-64, a very nice road Pause, Dillon & Snowy
PausePauseDinner at TapocoDinner at Tapoco
Pause along road Pause at a park Dinner at Tapoco, exexx Dinner, Snowy armed & dangerous!
DinnerTrophyMishakenHome again
Dinner & trophy awarding, Maurice & exexx My trophy for "Dirtiest Roadster" Mishaken remembrance, with Miata bits Back home again. Time to remove the bugs. Again...

Created on 12 May 2003 by Nora